I decided after PT that I was not staying in the house again and that I would meet my colleague, Sue Simbol, for lunch and spend time in my classroom to observe how things are going.  The children are adorable and I saw so many wonderful things going on in the classroom.  I was fearful that I would not have the energy by January but even though I was not involved but observing, I made it through the whole afternoon and am not tired.  In a little pain, yes, but not tired.  42 more days of recovery and hopefully the scans in December will show I am ready to return.  I got many assignments that I will try to complete before I return so I can cut down on the pressure when I begin again.  It will also keep me occupied here when I cannot get out.

This day has been a gift.  It reminded me that I love my job and that I really want to return to the children. It also alleviated some fears of whether I could do it or not.  My assistant is so capable so I am not worried now. Let’s just hope the doctors have good reports and that I am clear of this horrible illness so I can go on with my life.

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