After an activity filled day I thought I would be able to sleep but to not avail.  I think I tried every flat soft surface in the apartment.  I was so miserable that I was even tempted to go back on the narcotic.  But there is no way I want to be a zombie again, sleep or no sleep.

I have no plans today except to get this apartment straightened out.  It is very disorganized and I think there are things that may go to the cape house so I can stop tripping over them.  

Otherwise, today is an exercise day with PT first and then a walk or ride on the bike.  My goal is to get stronger and  healthier and so it takes a lot of work.  and Today is one of those work days.

This is our first really cold day and a little bit of snow.  I missed three seasons while I was in bed.  It doesn’t seem right to me to be wearing warm clothing again but time really passed by.

Wishing you a healthy and content day.

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