I am leaving in a few minutes for the MRI on the shoulder.  Yes, it is Sunday but Sloan is so busy that they are working all weekends including Saturday nights to get scans done.  The fears I have had all week have subsided since what will be will be.  Hard to accept but I was making myself really anxious and had to start taking the Ativan again to stop the shaking and crying.  I am praying for a miracle.  That there will be no more cancer and that the shoulder surgery was successful.  Your prayers have helped me through this time tremendously.  The body scans of the kidney area are not until Dec 15th so more waiting.

We have a delightful surprise coming to visit today.  Teri and Bruce Gorsky, cousins from Ma, are in town and will be coming to visit.   I am so looking forward to seeing them.  We haven’t visited personally in awhile since we were not at the cape this summer and they couldn’t make it to Aaron’s wedding.  We have visited on the phone which was so appreciated.

Off to Sloan.  Enjoy the brisk sunny day.  And please pray hard for this miracle.



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