Surprisingly, I slept through the night and find that I am quite calm his morning. I have talked to the people in HR at my job and they agree that this year is a wash for me.  And so, with that loss, I will now try to focus on the next battle ahead of me and try to aim for next September.

I think I am just in shock and back into soldier mode. Just do what the doctors tell me and don”t think or ask why.  I am praying for a miracle and that this latest finding is either treatable with antibiotics of some form of chemo.  And so it goes.

We were planning to attend a family Hanukkah Party in Boston this weekend but are waiting for the weather reports. I had hoped to spend the week at the cape with my kids but Jan has to work and I have to see what the doctors tell me.  I am getting used to living on the fly.  This would have been so uncomfortable for me before this journey began.

So for today, I am thankful for a nights rest and to wake up today.  I am grateful that the arm pain is livable so far this morning.  And I am especially grateful to my doctors who have me under so many tests and have not let this new episode slide by.  Please continue praying.  It has worked so well in the past and I still need all the help I can get.


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