Hyannis Hospital

After a few days at our summer house in Dennis, Massachusetts, (Cape Cod), Debbi started feeling pain in her back just below the left scapula. This is, of course, in addition to the continuous pain in her left upper arm. Debbi made the decision to leave the Cape this morning and to head back to NYC so that she could go to the MSKCC Urgent Care center. The pain, she said, was excruciating each time she would try to take a deep breath. In addition, given the finding of small spiculated (spiked) cells in both lungs during the last scan, and not knowing whether they are due to infection or, G-d forbid, a spread of cancer to her lungs, Debbi has been quite on edge lately. Following a negative report on Wednesday saying that the blood cultures drawn did not find evidence of infection, her anxiety level has increased. Add to that the inability to sleep and the additional pain, Debbi was just not able to find any peace… even for just one minute… thus the decision to return to NYC even though we were expecting a full Cape house with all of the children & our new grandchild Jonah.

After packing, we said a quick good-bye and headed to Route 6, the main Cape artery. Passing Exit 7, Debbi remarked that she did not feel up to the long trip back to NYC and would rather just go to the Hyannis Hospital. We were a bit apprehensive just thinking of the amount of historical detail we would have to provide in order to educate the staff as to Debbi’s journey. Nevertheless, we exited and made our way to the hospital. In short order we were shown to a bed in the ER and Dr. Henrik Ecker came to talk to us.

A very sharp and experienced physician, Dr. Ecker listened intently to our quick synopsis of Debbi’s medical adventures and suggested that we undergo a chest Xray. The chest Xray showed the nodules described as spiculated cells and a lung Vq test was ordered to highlight any possible blood clots. This being Xmas, a technician was called in and the test was performed. Debbi breathed in a mixture of Technetium 99m and Oxygen for about 5 minutes and then scan of her lungs were taken which captured the decay of the isotope. Next she was administered an injection of Technetium and the scan was repeated. By comparing the earlier scan with the later scan, it was determined that one area of the lung might not be receiving proper blood flow. The plan is to keep Debbi overnight and treat her with Heparin in an attempt to dissolve any possible blood clot. At the same time, Dr. Ecker is writing up an order for an analysis of her nervous system to try to see if the pain in her arm is a referred pain possibly caused by an injured nerve.

Expecting to be admitted soon so I will write more later. Stay tuned.

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