Hyannis Hospital, discharge

After consulting with Drs at Hyannis Hospital and the team back at MSKCC, the probability of a pulmonary embolism was reduced and in concert with a reduction of pain when Debbi coughs, her discharge from the hospital will be effective in about 1 hour. Debbi was judged safe to travel to NYC. We will however spend the rest of today and Shabbos at the Cape house where we hope Debbi will get some rest while Josh & Katherine, Aaron & Stephanie and I attend to any and all of her needs. The plan includes returning to NYC early Sunday morning, before the traffic, in order to minimize Debbi’s travel time. Still critical is the PET scan on Tuesday in order to determine the nature of the spiculated cells in her lungs and to try to determine a reason for the pain Debbi is feeling in her left upper arm.


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