I was such a wreck this morning that Jan decided to work from home and keep close to me.  This beautiful man, whom, I have been with for 38 years in January, has to be the kindest, caring man I have ever met. He covers up his own fears to make my life go more smoothly. He sits and sleeps hours in chairs so he can be with me for all of these tests. I must say, I have always loved him but I love him more and more each day if that is possible.  He spent so much time today just trying to keep me together with his warm words, hugs and just being available as he worked.  I am so very lucky and grateful to have him in my life.

I cried most of the day and then shook until they put me into the machine.  My arm was attached to my side and I was in tremendous pain.  I even practiced Lamaz breathing to make it through.  And I prayed my heart out. Of course we have no results but I am glad it is behind me.  I will meet with Dr. Bajorin on Tuesday and then we will know what is up.  

I need to eat something and drink a lot to rid myself of the radioactive stuff in my body.  And I will spend the evening with my heating pad and somehow try to get some rest.

Thank you for all the prayers put out there for me.  They have worked in the past and I will use the energy from all of you to carry me through the next phase of this journey.  It sure is exhausting right now and I think we could use a rest stop.  But again, this journey is not in my control.  I am just a back seat driver.

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