Yesterday, Dr. Michael called and set me up for yet another shoulder MRI.  The technitian  was the worst I have ever encountered and man handled me in to the machine 7 different times until he could get it just right. It was exhausting.  But that MRI should be read this morning and hopefully can tell us more about this pain.   I will go to Sloan for a Cystiscope this morning and am then looking forward to a restful weekend.

We are now trying a new drug.  It is an non-steroid anti-inflammatory with the hopes of giving me some pain relief. Two pills later, it seems to take the edge off but I am very dizzy.  I think right now dizzy is better than pain. I would be so grateful for relief from this pain even for a short time so I can get my head together and the exhaustion in check.

I am so grateful that my Dad is still here with me.  He sits in the waiting rooms and he is quiet gentle company.  It is so nice not to be alone all day.  I am also grateful that Dr. Michael and Dr. Bajorin continually try to get me in a place of comfort to be able to fight this disease in the best shape possible.  I have a birthday coming up in February and my Dad asked me what I want.  I told him I just want to turn 55! That simple.  And I will be so grateful for that also.

Its supposed to be a little warmer out today and so maybe we can get out and walk and enjoy the fresh air.  Wishing everyone a restful content weekend.

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