Sunday was a pleasant day of reading, videos and resting.  I have begun a new knitting project (a patchwork quilt) for charity but I can only do a little at a time.  I have had an offer from one of the knitting club members and my sister, Ellen to join me in knitting that quilt.   Somehow we can pull this off.

Today is laundry and groceries.  My Dad is still here and we are awaiting tomorrow’s beginning of the new chemo treatment.  He has reservations about going home and leaving me as well as returning to his home alone (my mother passed away only three and a half months ago).  I would love him to stay but I cannot imagine what he will do with himself everyday if I am sleeping.  It is a comfort to have him around.  February 6th he will be 83.

For today, I am grateful that it’s a new day, that the meds are dulling the pain enough so I can do some small things around the house, that the sun is shining (I really want to feel that on my face), and I am trying to accept things as they are at this very moment.  I will spend the day periodically praying, meditating, and looking for those little miracles.

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