It is truly amazing what 5 steroid pills to prepare for chemo can do.  There is just a little pain in the arm this morning and I am feeling more hopeful.  I am actually looking forward to this first treatment so that the fear factor can be diminished.  I am told that it “should” be less toxic with less sickly side effects than the last go around but time will tell. I will gain weight (at one time that would be unacceptable to me) and my hair will fall out (for this I am preparing as well as possible) but for now I will relish the ability to move a little without feeling stabbing pain while the steroid lasts.  Must get the laundry folded for sure this morning. (LOL)

I spent the night, not sleeping, and moving furniture around my apartment in my head.  I keep thinking that if I am housebound for another few months that I need a change.  Not huge but a little different.  This is a good sign; that I am hopeful. We may do nothing but throw out some things or send some things to the cape house but the brain process is working and keeping me going. Thank you General Bonnie for the idea.

Rectangle #1 is complete for the 49 rectangle afghan I began for charity.  The yarn is lovely and this afghan, when complete, should weight a ton and keep someone very very warm.

For today I am praying that this new chemo, Taxol, has the ability to kill the new cells growing in my lungs or any other place we haven’t found and to find a solution to the pain in my arm so I can cope with this process.  I am grateful that my Dad is still with me so I am not alone while Jan is at work.  I am especially grateful and confident that I have the best physicians and medical care, in the world, at Sloan. And I have so many many people, from so many walks of life, rooting for my recovery.  Pray Hard.



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