After 12 days, my Dad, 83 years old on Feb 6th,  is going home today.  He has been delightful company, never intrusive and always supportive.  I will miss him so very much.  Having his presence here has helped me feel calm and secure as if I were a young child again.  He always was the nurturer to me when I was growing up.  My Dad is so warm and outgoing that everywhere we went; waiting rooms, other’s homes and having friends stop in here, the comment always came back that the person he spoke to fell in love with him.  I understand that.  I have always been in love with him.  I know he has reservations about going home also to an empty house now that my mother has passed away in October, but he has paperwork and doctor appointments to attend to and then he promises to back to visit.  I will look forward to having him back as soon as possible.

The first chemo treatment seems to be going well.  The steroid is finally wearing off and the new cocktail is helping with the pain but I am very off balance.  Trade offs I am willing to try to get this body back to its former shape.  Ralph, my PT, called to check on me yesterday and I am sure hoping to get back to that if we can get the pain in check. Tomorrow I go to acupuncture.

Yesterday, I acquired a new knitting partner who is knitting the tan rectangles for our afghan. She spent and hour and a half visiting with me and finished another rectangle.  We now have 5.  This afghan for charity will be done very quickly with all the hands that have volunteered to assist.  This gives me such pleasure to do for someone else right now.

And my beautiful silver-haired friend stopped by for a visit and brought the most fantastic mandel broit (biscotti) that she baked with dates.  My and Dad and I have has a ball with them.  I even ate one during the night when I was up and wandering.  She is such a pleasure to have for her short impromptu visits.

For today, I am in acceptance mode of what is happening to me, making the best of the situation and being grateful that Hope has returned. I have faced the chemo demon head on and so far I  am coping.  I am so grateful that my higher power has given me the chance to continue this fight and that I am strong enough physically and mentally for the challenge. The miracle for today is that I am feeling happy; happy to know that I have more time to live my life and enjoy my family and get well.

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