It is Friday and a new day.  The new med cocktail seems to be working on most of the pain and I was even able to sleep a short while on my side.  But the one spot of pain, stopping me from PT persists.  The meds are making me very woozy and I feel off balance but hopefully I will get used to them.  In the meantime, I cannot go anywhere out of the apartment alone because I might fall.  Today I am going to the acupuncturist ( Jan will take me) to see what kind of magic he can muster for this one pain spot.  I am determined to solve this problem so I can get the use of my arm back.

My Dad went home yesterday and I feel like a little girl with sadness at his leaving. He was was such a calming influence for me during the day and even though we really did nothing, he was here for me just as he was when I was young. I was so fortunate to have this time alone with him.  I wish it had been 10 years ago when I was well and he was younger but I am grateful for what we got.  He promises that he will come back and that I am looking forward to.  My sister will be coming to stay with him for a week in February also to be evaluated for cancer.  He has really had a chore with the women in our family but he supports us through it all.

So for today, I am  grateful for some relief from the pain, that I can dress myself easier, that the chemo has not so far had any side effects, and that I feel that I have a chance of recovery. I pray hard for the ability to emotionally withstand the up and coming treatments and hope with all of my heart to be able to return to the person I once was (close to it but much better). Thank you all for you notes and calls.  They are truly the best medicine.  Your energy and support is so vital to my recovery.


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