A Beautiful Sunny Day

Well the trip to the acupuncturist turned out to be a long wait and a bust.  Dr. Deng just evaluated my scans and history and referred me to the accupunture practitioner whom I will meet with on Monday mornining, first appointment.  In the meantime, we are trying lydocane patches on the sore area of the arm to see if that will stop the sharp pain.  But so far, no change.  The other medicine cocktail, although I am very off balanced and feeling drunk, has reduced the pain in the shoulder considerably. Payoffs.

When we returned from the doctor, we found that one of Jan’s clients was in from Italy and so Jan invited him to dinner.  I made a lovely dinner party for the 3 of us but I left early and went to lie down.  It seem to have been a success and I am vey happy I was able to do this for Jan and then crash.

In the middle of the night, there was no sleeping so I got my guest room rearranged for Rea and family who  will arrive tonight.  Shuie’s grandmother, a most lovely woman, has passed away in Queens.  Jan and I are in charge of Yonah tomorrow during the funeral.  Jan is quite excited about taking him out in his Baby Bjorn (snuggly) as he used to carry his own children.

I am going to rest and knit and pray this morning. I am hoping that this medication works and that the cancer cells will die off. I am angry I have to do all of this again but my alternatives are none. So I’m making the best of it, doing what the doctor’s tell me to do and praying my hardest that this taxol round will do the trick.

Close your eyes an feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  That  is my higher power’s gift for today.


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