In Ben Gurion Airport

We are waiting for our flight in 2 hours to return to the states. Yesterday was a wonderful day with our visit to the Wall.  All of the notes and names made it into the Wall but it was tough to get them in.  There are so many jammed into so few spaces.  I had a special prayer with me and I cried my eyes out as I pressed myself against those ancient stones.  I begged for recovery from this disease.

The exciting thing was that we met with one of Shira’s friends from Birthright, Eden Cohen.  She is a charming 20 year old who has just completed her military requirements.  We went out to lunch in the German Colony, which I love, and then met up with another of Shira’s friends.  Seth has just made aliyah and told us of the difficulties trying to adjust and learn the language quickly.

Although I slept a lot through the trip, I was there for all the scheduled events.  I am ready to get on the plane, take my meds, and sleep the 10   hours back to Newark.  I truly am exhausted and in a lot of pain but it was all worth it to make this journey.  I feel I accomplished so much not only for me but for blessings for all of you.

I am so grateful that I made this trip.  I am grateful that Sloan is waiting back in NYC so that I can see my doctors this week to deal with the small issues of mouth sores, swollen feel and ankles and pain in the shoulder again.  It was so worth the travel to enjoy those precious moments in Jerusalem.  It was very hard work for Jan who had to continually drag me around and for this I am so thankful.  It was a wonderful, beautiful experience I will never forget.

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