We have returned home from quite an easy flight. Our little miracle was that we were granted bulk head seating both ways and therefore had room to stretch out our legs. Also Jan had a wheel chair waiting for me everywhere which made it much easier in many ways. We were wisked through customs and baggage check so quickly to the front of the lines and also at the taxi stand outside. This was a little like handicapped at Disney. 🙂 LOL. But it made me sad to think that I really needed the assistance because I was so weak and exhausted.
We have just awoken from nap #1 and will return to sleep soon to get back on track. I plan to meet Ralph at PT tomorrow to see if there is anything we can do without causing too much pain . I really want the use of this left upper arm back. Then clean up the apartment and rest.
I still can’t believe we were in Israel just hours ago. Those 5 days went by like a flash and.
I am so grateful for them.

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