I was informed that there was difficulty getting on the blog and so we had the server fix the problem last night. The blog is back and running.
Yesterday I tried PT again and OMG I was in such pain. I may never get total use of this arm back and I may have to endure some pain. This is very discouraging to me but another of those acceptances I will endure to continue living my life.
My hair is slowly falling out. When the first clump fell out, I started to cry. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Having to accept so many things and having no control over any of them. This is very frustrating for a person who was very in control and well planned. Life sure is funny.
Today I will meet with Dr. Bajorin to get ready for Tuesday’s chemo. The mouth sores are still growing but at a slower rate and the feet and ankle swelling has also become less. More of a concern to me is that I have a smoker’s cough which is uncomfortable.
Joshua called yesterday and he will really be moving back to Boston in April. All of the kids will be there and I will get to see them more. I think I will take a few weekends here and there and go stay in a hotel in Boston so I can see them more. It becomes very difficult for them to come to NYC with their jobs and responsibilities. My going to them will make it easier.
The afghan now has two long strips of blocks sewn together. We need seven strips to complete the afghan so on to knitting more rectangles.
I am grateful today that I have only to meet with Dr. Bajorin and then some relaxation here at home. I am grateful for the ability to accept the changes happening around me that would have made me very uncomfortable in the past. I am so grateful that there is a treatment that will possibly prolong my life and that I am with the best doctors in the world. I have to rely and believe that they can make me well again and for that I have to pray for my higher power to help them. I will also pray for all you who keep me up and running.

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