After a very long wait and a very short visit, I met with Dr. Bajorin. MORE MEDS. I am now on a cough pill and one anti-viral for my mouth. It is so hard to keep track of each of these things but I do write down the daily schedule and try my best to get the right pills at the right time. But I have been cleared for Tuesday’s chemo treatment and I never thought I would say that makes me happy. I want this disease under control as quickly as possible.
Today I will go grocery shopping and get ready for the Sabbath. We are invited out to dinner and so I do not have to make dinner for tonight. Thank goodness the grocery I shop in is right next door and they deliver the food to my door. I could not carry it all even if I was in great shape.
Today is a PT morning and although I am still in a great deal of pain, I am determined to make some use of this arm. Ralph my PT Dr. will determine if I will continue after today.
Rea and Yonahbug are to visit on Sunday. I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby. He is delicious.
It is 4:30 am and I think I will go back to sleep for awhile. I am grateful that things are just as they are supposed to be today.

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