I must say that I have been feeling quite well these past few days. Whatever Dr Ralph did at PT on Friday has made the arm and shoulder pain much less and quite bearable. I am even tolerating my medication better and am awake more than I am asleep. I am being weaned off Ativan which was my savior drug throughout my last treatment process but it is addictive and I am doing quite well on the anti-anxiety medication that I am now taking. It is really confusing what to take and what not to take and I try to take as little as possible. Thank goodness I write everything down each day or I would never get it straight.
I have had a wonderful visit with my cousin Sandra and of course baby Yonah. He rolls over and can sit up for a few seconds when put in position. He has changed so much in just the few weeks since I have seen him. He wants to GO and tries any way he can to get locomotion. He was just six months old and he seems to have turned into a little boy so quickly and very opinionated.
Today is PT again and time with Sandra. It is nice to have someone from one’s childhood to remind me of memories I have lost or see them in a different light.
And I am preparing to go back for chemo tomorrow. ( deep breath and sigh)
I am so grateful for the reduction of pain in my arm, having people I love around me, and gaining HOPE back after many weeks of fear and anger. Also, I am grateful that Kate Winslet won her oscar last night since Rea has been a avid fan of hers for many years and now Rea is thrilled. 🙂
I am praying for success in this new treatment and for the good health for all of you.

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