This is the first chemo after a two week reprieve but I am looking forward to having the taxol in my body to work on those cells. Chemo itself is not a problem. It is actually quite an easy process for me. It is the days after that are questionable. I cannot predict how I am going to feel and so it is difficult to plan anything. But I am just so grateful that taxol is known to work well and that is what I need. I am trying to look at this disease as a chronic illness that needs to be treated rather than “THE BIG C” that will take my life. Thinking this way has made my life much more livable and has given me back HOPE.
All of the company has gone. I had a lovely extra visitor yesterday.. Katherine, Josh’s girlfriend, was enroute to Ireland and so had a few hours leeway and came to visit. She is such a sweetheart and it was great to see her and hear of their plans for moving back to Boston.
I am so pleased that the PT seems to be working and that hopefully one day I will get the use of my arm back. DR. Ralph works so hard while I am on the table and I am fortunate to be in his good hands. Thank goodness the pain level has decreased and I am much more comfortable.
I have so much to be grateful for; I am feeling much more myself, I had so much company which made my life so full, The PT is working and I am in less pain, I have a wonderful husband who has been a part of my life since I was 16, and a great family. Today I am praying that the chemo works and that it kills the cells that are causing this illness (even though this round will probably knock out my hair completely). I can handle this. I am also praying for health and contentment for all of my friends and family.

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