From the time the bendril went into the IV until 8:00 last night, I was out cold. I stayed up for an hour and back to sleep until now (5:30 am). So I assume the chemo went well. This morning I am feeling well with a lot of energy from the steroid and I still have my little boy haircut. Actually there is just a little pain in my arm and I go to PT this morning. What a relief.
This afternoon my knitting partner will come to visit and we will hopefully get the third row of our afghan completed. It is a nice thing to look forward to the company and to be making something for someone else in need. I hope I am awake!
I am grateful today that this chemo does not make me so sick that I cannot get out of bed, That I awoke with little pain , and that my mind is in the right place believing that this treatment will work. Praying that each of you have a wonderful day.

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