Miracles Do Happen

My miracle for the day is that I was able to lay on my left side without pain in my arm. I also was able to lift that arm , not easily, in PT yesterday. That is truly a miracle!
I am feeling quite well after this round of chemo and so I am going shopping with my wonderful friend Gale today. I need a dress for a Bat Mitzvah coming up in April. This is so good for me to have things to look forward to and feel well enough to do them.
Yesterday, Theda, my knitting buddy came and we finished row three of our afghan. I need to knit two more rectangles and row four will be ready for sewing. With only two people knitting, we are really working quite quickly on completion of this project.
I am so grateful that I am able to function with this new treatment. I actually feel more like myself every day. I am also so grateful for getting the use of my arm back even if it is a slow and painful process. I am hoping and praying that the chemo will knock out those cells and that I can continue to live my life and enjoy my family. Wishing you a healthy and comfortable day.

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