This was a very long night. I couldn’t sleep and I wandered all over the apartment all night. I fear nights like that. And of course during my wandering, my mind was wandering also. This is not a good thing because it is very scary to think about what my future holds.
I did get a dress yesterday. Of course, due to the chemo and steroid, a size larger than I usually am. I was warned that this will happen. It was very difficult to try on clothing because getting dressed in general is difficult due to the limitations of my arm. I was only out 3 hours and became very fatigued. I keep forgetting that I cannot do what I used to do.
Today I go to PT and work on getting my arm to move. Then off to get food to cook for the Sabbath.
I am grateful that it is morning and I am awake and facing the world. I am also grateful that my friend Gale took me out shopping. I am very fortunate to have people around to keep me company while Jan works long long hours. I wish you an enjoyable, restful weekend.

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