I spent the night in Urgent Care because the cough will not stop and I was running fever. They took another chest x-ray and compared it to Tuesday and said there was no change. They were concerned because my creatinine level keeps rising. This is an indicator that my remaining kidney may be having some difficulty. It never ends. So they gave me some IV fluids and sent me home and I am still coughing!
On my way out of the hospital, at 3:00 AM, I ran into my favorite nurse, Tulsi. She is adorable and it was so nice to see her.
The good thing is that I am due in xray at 9:00 this morning on my shoulder since I am meeting Dr. Healey at 9:15. The technition agreed to take those xrays last night also when it wasn’t busy so I can go directly to the doctor. That saves so much time.
I had planned to try to drive today but it is a raining day mixed with snow. My errands are not that important and so they can wait.
I guess today will be a catch up on sleep day. I don’t know how Jan is going to fare on 2 hours of sleep but he will never complain. He is the main reason why I don’t like to go to Urgent Care. I can sleep there, he has to sit in a chair and talks to the staff.
So very tired and going to take a rest stop on this journey today. It is just getting to be too much for right now.
I am grateful that I went to Urgent Care and it was empty last night so no waiting. I am grateful that I am awake and able to go back to the hospital this morning for my appointment. I am also grateful that it is a rainy day and I am going to spend it in bed. I am praying that somehow the doctors can keep my body intact while killing these cancer cells. My immune system is so weakened that I really am not fighting back and for that I will pray hard.
Enjoy the rain, at least it is warmer.

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