Yesterday I met with Dr. Healy who checked on my progress. He hinted that we may need to do more in the future but for right now, I need to go through the chemo. I cannot imagine having surgery in that shoulder again. Such Pain! But I also said I would never go to chemo either.
On the way out of the doctors, I called PT and they squeezed me in. Dr. Ralph brought in some videos for me to watch. One was South Park. I told him I was almost divorced over that movie when Jan watched it with the kids in a hotel when they were much younger. I thought the kids should not be watching it and they watched it anyway. Now it seems so minimal; then so huge.
Today I will go see Dr Roth, the psychiatrist, but I have not compiled all of your ideas yet. There is no due date but I will inform him of how many of you responded. After this appointment I hope to go to chemo unless Dr. Bajorin thinks I am not well enough. This cough just persists. I would really like to just go back to bed. I will this afternoon.
Today I am grateful That I have made it through this year. A year ago today, I was diagnosed with cancer and this journey really began. It has been a nightmare overall but there are many things I have learned, there is more that I appreciate, there is so much that doesn’t really matter and I can let it go, there are so many wonderful, caring, giving people out there, and I am thankful for each and every day that I wake up and can still do many things. I keep looking for the tiny miracles and they do show up in the strangest places. Today I am praying that I can see my health taking some steps forward on on the road to recovery.

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