Still at Sloan

Sorry for not having blogged in a few days.

Debbi seems to be responding to the antibiotics but not at the rate the doctors expected. The plan now is to perform a biopsy to investigate the nodules in Debbi’s lungs to determine their nature and to use this information to try to discern the source of the infection that causes Debbi’s fever to spike periodically. Since we have been here we have noticed that the fevers have become less frequent and less in magnitude.

One of the frustrations of trying to determine the source is that a significant tool in the doctor’s investigative toolkit is the blood culture. A sample of blood is drawn but then it must age in its prepared medium for several days until it can be analyzed. Therefore, we are only now finding out about cultures from blood samples drawn this past Sunday.

Additionally, the CT scan, which is the best scan for the nodules we are seeing in Debbi’s lungs, can not differentiate between nodules that are due to cancer and nodules that are due to infection.

Thus, the biopsy is the tool we are now dependent upon and we are certainly joining all of you in praying for a good result.

One thought on “Still at Sloan”

  1. Dear Jan,
    Thank you for this post but I wish you didn’t feel you had to say sorry for not posting. You& Debbie have done a herculean effort with this blog. Without a post, I knew you were spending every minute where it counted.
    You and Debbie
    are pillars of strength and love for each other. I’m blessed to have had the invitation to read and learn from what you are going through. I’ve learned so much about love, compassion and gratitude from you both.
    With love, Carol

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