A week has passed and I am still at Sloan in Isolation.  The doctors have been running and rerunning tests to determine what is in my lungs.  The anti-biotics are running into my veins continually and so the fever has finally broken, the cough has subsided and I am grateful for both of those changes.  But we still do not know what is is the lungs.  The choices are: Bacteria, TB (which I think is ruled out since my arm did not show any rising where they put the serum) fungal infection or cancer.  On Monday they will perform a biopsy on my lung so we will hopefullly  have an answer by Tuesday or Wednesday as to why I have been and am so sick.  I am also retaining ridiculous amounts of water from my thighs to my toes which makes it more difficult to  walk. I feel like a seal with flippers.

Isolation had not been that bad.  I have a very large,private room with a place for Jan to sleep and do his work and for me to sleep,read, and knit.  Everyone has to wear a mask, gown, or gloves around me so I really do not know how anyone looks.  I really don’t leave to room unless I need to walk laps. Then I must get all the garb on in order to leave and go out into the hall.

The journey has become very very rocky at this point.  My life feels like it is swinging on a pendulum.  I have to wait for answers to very important questions and I thought all I had was pnuemonia or bronchitis.  And we shall wait.

All I think about all day are my kids. I saw Rea and Shuie last weekend and Yonah, Simi and Huvi and that was a gift.  I am hoping, once I am out of isolation, tha I can spend time with each of them.  I think I may be heading to the Cape after we know what we are working with here.

I am grateful to be here at Sloan and being cared for medically an emotionally.  I am also grateful for this private room.  I am also grateful that I feel well enough to write on the blog.  But I am especially grateful for all of your prayers and good wishes for my recovery.  I can’t promise anything but I am really doing my part and working hard at it.  The rest is up to my higher power and that I have no control over.

Wishing you a healthy and stress-free weekend.

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