I am now home from the hospital after an 11 day stay.  Jan has kept up the blog as much as possible since I was asleep a lot of the time spent there.   I did have the biopsy after all and should find out results today or tomorrow.  We are praying that those strange cells are not cancer and that there is still a treatment for the spiculated cells in the lungs.

In the meantime, Jan has decided we need a new set of eyes to look at mu medical treatment and I need a new change of scenery.  Therefore, I have an appointment with Dr. Davis Lovett in Hyannis who heads up their cancer and hospice centers.  He trained at Sloan and is a colleague and friend of Dr. Bajorin.  I need to move to the cape to be closer to my children and to see my grandson grow.

I am very very weak and can only walk around on these swollen feet a very short time. So I am trying to pack in short spirts and am having some success with that and lying down in between. Now I will hwad for a nap and start the process again later.

Tonight our granddaughters will be dropped off and Jan and I will take them to the cape early tomorrow morning (4:00AM) wrapped in their blankets for a snooze to the Cap

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