And the Journey Slows Down

Yesterday, Jan and I met with Dr. Lovett and after detailing all the options, we have been told that the #1 priority right now is to get my body back in shape and to be pain-free. Even if there is a chemo to treat this specific cancer, I am physically not strong enough to handle another round right now. 

I asked the doctor what we’re going to do and he plans to have visiting nurses here in my home to continue the antibiotic treatment so that I can relax and enjoy the quality of my life. I asked Dr. Lovett how long he thought that would be: “Two weeks?”. And he said, “I think we can do that”. And then I asked him, “Two months?”. He said, “I can’t promise you that. But some people have surprised us”. 

I am so appreciative of all the prayers, support, kindness and caring that have been shown to me along the way, but I really am very very tired. 

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