Awakened with a Smile

After a long night and many decisions about whether or not to take me to the hospital again (I was running a high fever), we decided to stay at home and give me Tylenol. My temperature is normal this morning, and when I awoke these two beautiful smiles awaited me at the door: my baby, Rea’s, and her baby, Yonah’s. Yonah is continually digging for teeth, which still have not made an appearance. 

We got a very special surprise yesterday. Somehow, my sister is going to make a 23-hour trek from FL to PA and rest at my father’s house. Then, my brother, his family, my dad and my sister all plan to make the 6-hour trek to Cape Cod to see me. This is the first time my siblings and I will be all together in 15 years.

It is essential at this point for me to take my meds, eat properly and sleep as much as possible. 

Rea was supposed to spend Passover at her in-laws but has presently opted to stay with me this year, considering the circumstances. So if all goes well, we will be having a very large Passover Seder here at the Cape. We thought it was only going to be me and Jan!

I was fortunate to have my cousins Beth and Teri come and visit yesterday. They walked in with a HUGE bouquet of Hydrangeas (which everyone knows is my favorite). Rea and the baby and I spent a lovely afternoon in the big, four-poster bed with them, just enjoying each other’s company. Teri’s daughter, Alissa, is celebrating her bat-mitzvah this Saturday. We have plans to go, but as the week wears on, we will see if that is possible. 

Today we expect our cousin Evelyn, the Visiting Nurse Association and the cleaning crew from yesterday to complete the Spring Cleaning of this house. Already it looks dust- and cobweb-free. 

For Today I’m grateful that I woke up out here at the Cape, that I have so much company and that I am going to rest the day away to regain my strength.

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  1. Once again, that word grateful jumps out at me. You remind me everyday the meaning of gratitude
    A beautiful start and my prayers for a beautiful day for you.

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