A Calm Settles

For the first time in her life, Debbi has been able to sleep until noon thanks to her new morphine pump. She awoke today to see her grandson’s smiling face while Jan took her vital signs (all normal). Despite her pain and discomfort, Debbi was able to note the positives that have come from her illness. She is particularly grateful to be able to live under the same roof as Yonah and to have all of her children together. Debbi attempted to move around a bit but lost her balance; Jan came to the rescue to help her back into bed.  

All is calm and quiet here after the morphine pump adventure the other day and for now, Debbi is able to rest as comfortably as she can. Rea has received heartfelt messages from friends and colleagues which she plays for Debbi. Debbi is moved to tears by the love and encouragement people are sending her way. We all especially appreciate the flower deliveries; our house is beginning to look like a botanical garden. 

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