And now for something completely different!

I have been a bit busy with some work issues so did not get a chance to write till now and now there are only 40 minutes to Shabbos so I am compressing reports for two days into one.

Yesterday morning I looked at Debbi and she seemed kind of bored but I thought that in terms of her medical situation she seemed like her normal self. Thinking back to National Lampoon’s Animal House, I suggested to Debbi that we go on a “road trip.” Several around here thought it was a crazy idea but I thought it would be possible and would serve Debbi well. I checked with her Visiting Nurse and described my planning an she said, “Go for it!” Plus, the targeted store was less than one mile from the Cape Cod Hospital where Debbi usually gets treated.

Debbi wanted new sheets for the bed. If I went myself, you can be sure I would come back with the wrong sheets. So, I loaded the portable oxygen, the oxymeter, the liquid morphine, and some general first aid equipment.  The goal was to minimize the time that Debbi would be on her feet. I walked her to the front door and helped her down the two steps into the transport wheel chair giving her back control of her portable morphine pump. I pushed her to the car that had already been loaded as I mentioned. I helped Debbi into the front seat that had been pre-adjusted for her and gave her an “airplane pillow” to comfort her neck. Throwing the wheel chair into the back of the Grand Cherokee, we were off to Bed Bath and Beyond.

As I expected, Debbi fell asleep before we were at the end of Jericho Road. The trip to Bed Bath and Beyond took longer than normal as I drove slowly and was careful not to accelerate around corners. Debbi woke up just as we pulled in the parking lot and true to form, we started arguing about where to park!!! I helped Debbi into the wheel chair, whisked her into the store, and once inside, she had to guide me to the section where the sheets were kept because I had no idea where to go. From the wheelchair, Debbi was able to feel the texture of a sample of each of the different sheets offered for sale. She selected a powder blue [as I read this section to Debbi… she said they were sky blue!!!] set having a 800 thread count. After checkout, we went back to the car, reloaded Debbi and the wheel chair, and headed back to the Cape House.

As Debbi was transferring from the transport chair up the front steps, she felt nauseous and did throw up. Nevertheless, once she was back in bed she said she was very happy to have gone.

Today, the home health care aide changed the bed linens as Debbi sat in the bedroom chaise. Debbi was very happy to have nice new clean sheets that reminded her of the beach.

In order to enhance the hydrangea beds, we all voted to use dark mulch which was delivered this morning. Shira helped me move and spread 8 cubic yards of mulch around the various beds.

At a certain time when Shira and I were outside, Rea was listening to music as she cooked, and Shuie was working, Debbi got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, lost her balance and fell just short of the toilet. Nobody heard her cry for help. Luckily Shira was working on the front beds and heard Debbi rapping on a window near where she fell. Shira yelled to me and we both came running, wood mulch flying from our shoes and clothing, to help Debbi.

We are indeed lucky that she did not break any bones or hit her head and from now on we are going to have to be much more careful about her walking anywhere by herself. in fact we will all make sure she is accompanied for every footstep.

Debbie, the visiting nurse ordered some medicine to help with her dizziness and we will have to see if that works.

So now the house is buzzing as the cooking gets finalized and I have to get all my computers off of the dining room table as all all the sibs will be here for Shabbos dinner.

Good Shabbos everyone.

One thought on “And now for something completely different!”

  1. I have to comment on what a beautiful family you and Debbie nurtured! My daily routine is to read your blog. The common theme is the strong family bond. As hard as this journey is for you and your family, it is one of love and togetherness. Debbie is very fortunate!

    I hope those who read your blog learn that “you reap what you sow.” The evidence of your strong family bond is proof of the seeds you sowed while teaching your children what truly is important! I want to thank Debbie and you for teaching all who read the blog small lessons intertwined in your journey!

    God bless you all!


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