Almost back to “normal”

Undoubtedly, Debbi has been sleeping much of the day. In the time that she was awake, she was able to walk herself to the bathroom, she sat in the sunshine on the two person chaise lounge with Rea & Yonah  by her side & Aaron right next to her for about two hours, and she was able to participate meaningfully in conversation with those around her. Her speech can be a little slurred at times but can then come back to normal and she does tire easily.

Debbi just asked me, at 1:30pm, if she had already eaten her lunch. I told her she hadn’t ordered any. She replied, “then for dinner I want to put in my order right now for French Fries and Ice Cream.” So that is what she is going to get!

Within quick succession there were two medical deliveries today. First Meclizine (to combat naseau and dizziness) and Lidocaine patches (placed directly on Debbi’s left shoulder to reduce pain) were received from FedEx. Secondly, a commode chair was just dropped off by the Cape Medical Supply company. This chair can be used as a stand-alone toilet. For now we have set it up over the john so that Debbi does not have to bend so far and she also will have the sturdy side hand grips to help her get seated and to help her rise up as well.

We gave Debbi one 12.5mg tablet of the Meclizine when she was dizzy a bit earlier. We are watching carefully for the symptoms we noticed during the Scopolamine episode. Meclizine, which is an antihistamine also known as Antivert, has side effects including hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, possibly blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, and possibly dizziness. We are monitoring Debbi very closely to see if this drug will be helpful.

The hydrangeas continue to grow their green leaves. The plants that many have sent adorn her bedroom in vivid colors. The sun is shining. Debbi is enjoying the day.

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