Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. At 1pm, after tending to Debbi’s every need throughout the night, I turned to my children, whether mine or not, the young adults in the Cape House are my children… I turned to my children and said, “We have all worked diligently most of the night to keep Debbi comfortable and to provide her with the best care we can possibly provide…. we need a Cinco de Mayo festival to rejuvenate us and to provide us with additional strength for Debbi.”

The group went to work. I supplied the credit card and everyone else supplied the imagination. After an hour of planning, people departed to buy supplies, others started cooking, others were decorating, others were setting the table, I hung up a paper mache burro filled with candy, people made quesedillas and other traditional Mexican food, allĀ  Kosher of course. The plans called for an early dinner, a smash the burro fest, and settling in to watch Three Amigos.

Now this may sound disrespectful to Debbi to have a party going on while she lay suffering. But it never became a party. Not by design and not in actuallity. In fact, in actuallity it was about having a theme and everyone working together in close quarters. Spending time together. Listening to each other’s suggestions and providing encouragement and kindness. All the food was prepared and arranged beautifully. The table was adorned with a festive Cinco de Mayo tablecloth. Strewn about were items of confetti and potpurri. Sure we wore funny glasses, suspenders, and hats and some of us had mustaches (our own)!!. We sat together and talked. We told stories.

When it was time to break the pinata, we decided it would make too much noise. When it came time for Three Amigos, we watched a bit and decided we would rather spend time with each other. So, Cinco de Mayo was a beautiful opportunity for our family to work its magic. No chance that anything disrespectful to thier special Mother would arise. Knowing the outcome, the initial suggestion made perfect sense and did indeed serve to lift the spirits of our loving family.

One thought on “Cinco de Mayo”

  1. That was a great idea, Jan! I know Debbi,nor anyone would not
    view it as disrespectful.
    It’s so great that you all could do something fun together. You need the diversion. As I mentioned in my last card, you are such a strong loving family. You and Debbi have done such a great job together, and this will get you through these tough times.
    I still can’t believe this has happened to her. I keep praying for a miracle. When you write about her waking and talking and singing to you all, these are precious miracles you’re being given.
    I’m sorry her father couldn’t talk to her the other day. But it’s good they saw her a few weeks ago before she deteriorated.
    Please know that we are praying for you all and thinking of you all the time.

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