The Family meeting flopped

Yesterday we had a situation arise that had some of us going in a different direction. Debbi wanted to get out of the rice bed and sit in a chaise lounge in our bedroom. Trying to do everything in my power to accommodate Debbi’s wishes, I facilitated the transfer and got her comfortable. Some thought that Debbi should simply stay in the bed because of the possibility of falling… especially considering that she did fall several days ago when I was not ready for her to lose her footing.

We called a family meeting this morning to air out that issue and some other issues as well.  As we were talking THUD from the bedroom. We were all talking in the living room and Debbi decided to get out of her high rice bed. She must have eased her feet down to the floor. She walked about 5 steps and got pulled back by the pack holding her morphine pump that was attached to the medi-port in her right shoulder. As she flopped to the floor, she must have twisted and hit her butt first and then her head made the thud.

We rushed to her side and in short order she was back in the bed. We hit the bolus button to give her an extra 1.5mg of morphine and also gave her some Ativan to help her settle down. An hour later, Debbie A. stopped by for her morning visit. We described in detail all that happened and Debbie informed us that except for a little goozle bump to the back of her head, Debbi was just fine. To prevent this incident from happening again, Debbie arranged for a hospital bed to be delivered as well as a more comfortable commode. The Hospice home health care aide Anne visited Debbi for the daily visit and made sure she was clean and fresh.

The bed was delivered shortly thereafter, set up with nice new sheets, and Debbi was transferred to the hospital bed safely by group effort. She is not happy about having the full railings retain her whenever she decides to make a break for it.

The day has been a crazy day since then but strangely, Debbi has been awake and lucid for much of it. Some of the time she is mumbling but she has not really napped all day and it appears that she is comfortable with her pain well controlled. Shabbos is almost here and I am hoping she will be able to bless the children tonight and for more Shabbosim to come.

Gut Shabbos everyone!

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