Teachers all around

Today Debbi had a visit from Sue S. and Stephanie M. who are teachers at the Drago School 3 in Passaic NJ where Debbi taught until she had to take medical leave. Sue and Debbi talked every morning at 6:30am over the course of many years during their commutes to the school building. Even though Debbi was only awake for about 10 minutes of their visit, Sue shared some memorable stories of Debbi with my children.

While they were here, Jane C., a teacher in the Dennis, Massachusetts schools stopped in to visit with Debbi as well. Much like Sue S., Jane C. is a teacher with many years of experience and retirement is knocking at the door for both of these talented ladies. I introduced them to each other and it was very interesting to hear that Debbi had talked to each about the other. Stephanie M. is much younger and it appears that Debbi and Stephanie had a close relationship as well.

Debbi rested comfortably most of the day and seems ready to sleep into the night. 

P.S. I am no better at changing diapers and a new skill I lack is giving Debbi oral medication while she is sleeping. I feel so guilty squirting a tiny bit of Ativan or Haldol into her open mouth while she is asleep and then hearing her coughing for several minutes. I guess I am just squeemish about causing Debbi any discomfort… not squeemish about the medical aspects… just about causing her pain or discomfort. 


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