Happy Mother’s Day

Debbi received Mother’s Day greetings from all her children and from me as well. She is resting comfortably after the VNA nurses were able to place a catheter that is largely relieving me of diaper duty. 

The sun is shining here at the Cape and everyone is busy tending to the needs of the house in addition to spending time with Debbi. Debbi keeps saying that she wants to get out of the hospital bed but she just can’t stand on her own. I hate playing the jailer but there is not much we can do. Debbi has not eaten in over one week. She drinks sparingly but is not getting any nutrition to speak of. That being said, she appears to be pain free thanks to the morphine pump delivering just the right dose for her. She looks comfortable as she rests.

We pray for her complete recovery but realize that the power to effect that prayer is not in human hands.

A Happy Mother’s Day.

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