Grieving by Lois I. Greenberg

Today I speak of death.

If loss were all,

There would be no need to grieve:

We would merely end,

But the journey continues.

So put your arms around me

And allow the tears

To wash away my sorrow;

Hold my hand

And allow the silence;

I may speak in whispers

Or not at all,

But my message will be clear

In the absence of sound;

My words, when they come,

Will tell the pain

In my own special way;

You need not feel it

I need to say it,

Do not comfort me with hushing

Or stay the noise I would make;

If grief be a part of this time,

Let me feel it

For it is a part of me;

Let me say Death;

Let me talk of Lordliness;

Let me feel my Missing –

I need to know its meaning;

The pain must be felt

In its own significance;

I come from yesterday

And when any part of that dies,

A part of me ends

And I feel diminished;

Let me say goodbye

So I can let go

And learn to hold on

In a new way;

When I have said farewell

To what was,

I will be able to define

What is

And then can contemplate

What can be;

For as I mourn,

There grows in me

A new recognition

Of my connections;

And when I look up last,

Tomorrow will be waiting

And I will go on…

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