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GUESS THE DOSE; the game show

Hello valued readers and welcome to this week’s episode of GUESS THE DOSE… the hit game show where you, our viewers compete for cash and prizes by submitting your guesses for how much of each medicine our celebrity patient should take. (audience applause). I am Jan, your host, and this week our celebrity patient is Deborah Michelle, famous for her Debbi’s Journey blog. Debbi just came home from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center following an operation to remove cancer from a segment of bone between her left coracoid process and glenoid … or her left shoulder if you prefer.

Johnny, our narrator, will explain the rules of our game… Heeeeeer’s Johnny.

Thank you, Jan. OK. Let’s get right to it. In a minute, Jan is going to list all the drugs and their recommended dosages specified at the time of Debbi’s release from the hospital on Friday October 10th. Now even though Debbi was prescribed all these medications and was advised to take them all, it has been observed that when taking these drugs exactly as specified, Debbi gets quite loopy and is subject to instantaneously nodding off in the middle of eating, drinking, talking, etc. And, she can become quite nauseas on occasion. You, our audience, get to put on your pharmacist hats and submit your GUESS THE DOSE entry using the special keyboard by the side of your seat. Those of you playing at home can just submit your guesses over the web. See Online Entry Form for the online entry form.

We will determine the winner by having Debbi try the dosing regimen in each submission and we will then judge each entry according to the amout of pain relief she feels. Points will be lost if the drug combinations cause her to nod off in the middle of her normal every day activities and points will be awarded based on minimization of pain, dizziness, and nausea. Remember that the protocol has to cover her pain from 6AM to 10PM, from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. OK, Jan… we are back to you.

Thanks Johhny for that great summary. Like Johnny said, I am going to layout the medicines and the exact instructions on the labels so lets get right to it… but first, let me just remind everybody that they should take into effect a few important details… (1) Debbi is very sensitive to medication. (2) She is still feeling some pain from the nephrectomy. (3) Her body is healing from the two surgeries day by day. (4) Be sure to include the side effects of the medicines themselves because some of them are constipating. (5) You may use the links below to research the efficacy of the listed drugs.

Generic Name Strength Description Dosing on Label
Oxymorphone 40mg long acting pain medication 1 tablet every 12 hours
Percocet 5mg-325mg Oxycodone – Tylenol 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hours as needed
Lyrica 50mg long acting drug for nerve pain 1 tablet every 12 hours
Zophran 8mg Anti Nausea 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed
Ativan 1mg reduces anxiety and combats nausea 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed
Colace 100mg Stool softener 3x per day
dosage specifed Oct 10, 2008 following release from shoulder surgery

Friends here in our audience and you friends at home as well, it is time to submit your dosing. Anything from zero (don’t include this drug in your treatment) to the dosage listed on the label is allowable. So take a few minutes, make your selections, and press the submit button. Debbi will be following each dosing protocol. We will monitor her progress and we will announce the winner on next week’s show. Debbi promises the winner a fresh hundred dollar bill and two dozen of her famous walnut rugelach. She is just looking from some relief from the pain and has not found it yet. Can you help her????

Here is that Online Entry Form again for your convenience: Online Entry Form.
Remember only one entry per person per week. Tune back in next week to see the winning regimen. Till then we hope you have enjoyed watching and playing GUESS THE DOSE (audience applause).