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How to leave a comment

Debbi has told me that some readers have had difficulty leaving comments on this blog. While I do not want to discourage people from sending emails directly to Debbi (, I do want to provide instructions on the comment feature because the comments become part of the overall sequence of these writings.

Here we go.

Lets say you read one of Debbi’s posts and want to comment. At the bottom of the posting you should see a field saying, No Comments, or some number of comments. Lets say you click this comment field to leave a comment for Debbi. Most likely it will take you to a screen that says that you have to be logged in to comment. (Afterall, this is the internet and we do not want spam showing up among Debbi’s writings).

The words “log in” are a link to the log in window. This is good if you have a username and password. Lets assume that you don’t. So, you should instead press the Register link at the bottom left hand corner of the login window. Please create a username and supply your email address. The blog software will immediately send you a password. 

Now, revisit and press the comment link again. This time when the login screen pops up you will be ready with a username and a password. Successfully logging in will bring you to a user profile page. Here you can fill out the various entry lines…. BUT YOU MUST ENTER YOUR FIRSTNAME AND LASTNAME or you will not be allowed to comment. At the bottom of the form, you may change your password to something that is easier to remember.  Then click on the Update Profile button on the bottom of the page.

Sorry for all the difficulty but now I promise you are able to post a comment… so click on Debbi’s Journey at the top of the form to visit the site. Now any comment link you press will allow you to enter the comment directly and once Debbi approves it, your comment will be displayed. From now on, once you log in, you will be able to comment rapidly.

Again, it is a pain but this is the internet and the blog designers wanted to be sure that people have to register and be known in order to affect the site. 

If there are still questions, I would be happy to walk you through the process… just email me