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It’s a new day and I am so happy to see a little sunshine peeking through the clouds.  The port is in place and it is sore but it is better than last night and will be better yet tomorrow.  Jan and I are continually mulling over the research on which treatment to go with and just when we are sure we chose the appropriate one…..we read some more.  I am certain once this decision is made, our lives will be much easier and we will just go with it.

Three weeks ago, I knew nothing about kidney cancer.  Then I was stunned to find that I have it.  Once I got used to that idea, then decisions about where to be treated had to be made.  Now, with no knowledge about this disease and how it works, we have to make the decision on which treatment to use!  Ask me about a young child’s behavior or speech or socialization skills and I have experience to answer those questions.  This is a very important decision to make about saving my life and I have nothing to go on.  I must admit none of this sounds like a lot of fun but I am hoping if  go through the bad stuff there will be fun on the other side.  Most of the time I just want to escape.

I wander over to this computer hourly to read notes from all of you.  It really is a lifeline to so many special people.  Some make me laugh, others cry, and all of them warm my heart.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Thanks.

I have a baby blanket to finish, another one to start, and wedding and grandbaby plans to make along with upcoming Passover.  So for the moment, the cancer discussion will be put away and I will try to live my life as best as I can.



Port Visit

Debbi just came home following surgery to implant the port. What a difference between today’s experience with twilight sleep and her bout with the anesthesia used during the biopsies.  First of all, she made it cross town in 7 minutes, arriving at 7:30am. They were ready and took Debbi immediately into prep, beginning the procedure at 8:30, finishing by 9:15. Shortly thereafter, Debbi called me and sounded amazingly lucid. I had been told that it would be at least until 1pm before she could leave so I was only heading over to York Ave when Debbi was moved to recovery. We talked a few times as my cab waded through cross town traffic. 

I really missed Debbi this morning and could not wait to see her. When I finally arrived, she looked really good. Not groggy at all. She had already talked to each of the kids so all that was left was for her to tell me how she asked the surgeon to adjust the port placement so that she could wear her gown to Aaron & Stephanie’s upcoming wedding. I guess the surgeon has had many such requests and was able to customize the placement. 

We jumped in a black car and were back to the West Side in minutes. Go figure. 30 minutes earlier there was traffic every which way. It was good to get Debbi home quickly so that she can relax for the rest of the day. She seems bright and cheery now that she is home and I am looking forward to spending the next few days with her.

I am hoping that she feels well enough tomorrow to attend services at Shlomo Zalman Zelefsky’s Bar Mitzvah. He is Michael’s son and it would certainly be special to wish Michael and his family a special Mazal Tov after all he has done and continues to do for us. Plus, many friends on the Upper West Side will be there and I think it would be wonderful for Debbi to receive hugs and warm wishes for improvement from these special people.


I arrived at Sloan at 7:30 am, went into surgery at 9:30 and I am already home.  The staff at Sloan were wonderful and I feel so well taken care of when I am there.  I am so grateful this step was a breeze.  Rest up this weekend and prepare for the scans on Monday.  One small step and a little more hope.