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Selected Charity

It is only natural and fitting that we denote the Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod as our selected charity in case anyone wishes to donate in memory of our beloved Mother and Wife, Debbi. Writing the words “in memory of” is quite difficult but remembering the kindness that our Hospice nurses, social worker, and aides brought brings a smile to our faces as they taught us and allowed us to take care of Debbi in her final weeks and days.

Allowing these fine caring Hospice Angels to serve other families and ensure that their loved ones receive the warmth, respect, and devotion that they showered on Debbi will indeed bring us a measure of comfort as time marches on.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous support of this outstanding organization.

VNA Hospice of Cape Cod

434 Rt. 134, Suite G1
South Dennis, MA 02660
Phone: 800-978-0838
Fax: 508-394-8329